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Cost-Effective Sewer Repair in Spartanburg, SC

Sewer Pipe

Rely on the Permaform-certified installer for all your sewer pipe needs. R.A.H. Solutions is a locally-based company that specializes in commercial and main line sewer repair and larger residential projects. Keep in mind that just because a sewer pipe is larger or longer doesn't mean it can't be fixed in a less disruptive way. We accomplish this goal by offering sewer repair options that either restore a pipe internally or allow a new pipe to be installed within the same space.

A sewer system transports wastewater to a local treatment facility. This is done through gravity, which is why sewer lines are not pressurized like water lines are. If something is preventing any of the processes required for proper sewer pipe function from taking place, it's time to contact R.A.H. Solutions about sewer repair in Spartanburg, SC.

What Damages Your Sewer Lines?

Sewer-related issues can develop at any point within a sewer line. Any resulting damage may stem from accelerated wear caused by a slow and steady buildup of various materials. However, it's also possible for structural issues to be the main cause of sewer line damage and necessitate immediate pipe repair.

The Main Culprits

  • Tree roots that get into small cracks or fractures
  • Grease, oils, and fats
  • Excess disposal of paper-based products
  • Ground/soil shifting
  • Sediment and debris accumulation
  • Age and general wear

Why Choose Our Sewer Repair Pros?

Fully licensed and insured, we're a trusted local utility contractor that knows pipes and how to repair and service them. You'll appreciate choosing us for urgent sewer issues or sewer repair since we've been identifying and resolving a wide range of sewer issues since 2014. We also treat our customers to personalized, budget-friendly solutions.

How Does Traditional Sewer Repair Stack Up to Trenchless Repair?

There are two basic ways a sewer line can be repaired: traditional methods and trenchless techniques. Each of these methods has merit and valid reasons to recommend it. The option that's "best" for you will depend on the condition of your sewer lines and other factors we'll discuss with you before making any decision.

  • Traditional Sewer Repair

    "Dig and replace" is a common way to describe traditional sewer repair. It's typically done by digging and exposing the damaged sewer line. The affected pipe is then taken out and replaced with a new one before the trench is filled in.

  • Trenchless Sewer Repair

    A trenchless approach to sewer repair is typically done with a method known as cured-in-place piping, or CIPP. In a nutshell, it's done by keeping the existing pipe in place and applying a new coating to the inside portion of the sewer line. If the pipe has to be fully replaced, the pipe may be broken up as a new pipe is installed. This is a trenchless sewer line replacement process known as pipe bursting.

Why Hire Our Team?

  • Straightforward, honest pricing
  • Accurate estimates and no hidden fees
  • Industry-leading warranties on trenchless projects
  • Optimal customer value and guaranteed satisfaction with our work
  • 24-hour availability

Invest in the Stability of Your Sewer Pipes

Professional solutions coupled with superior customer service are what you can expect from our experienced contractors. From thorough sewer line cleaning to cost-effective trenchless repairs, R.A.H. Solutions covers all your sewer needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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Make R.A.H. Solutions your top choice for pipe, drain, and utility line work and you'll be rewarded with quality results. Our goal is to bring value to our customers any time we're contacted, no matter what the task at hand involves.We value integrity and quality to offer you a stress-free experience. Contact us today to request service or schedule an appointment.